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Hi Friends💙

Last January we created Blue Barn Family Farm, born out of our intense desire to farm while being stuck smack dab in a city in Southern Cali. We did all we could with what we had, where we were at….farming meat birds and laying hens, Button and Coturnix Quail, a pair of breeding doves and canaries, along with our farm pups and barn cats and small garden. We did a lot with our almost quarter acre and had a lot of fun doing it too!

Shortly after, in February our family experienced a very painful personal trial which resulted in us completely backing away from all social media and everyday life in general in order to focus on healing and changing some very important aspects of our lives. Out of that pain the Lord gave us an opportunity to completely start over…He challenged us to sell our home, pack up all we could fit in our RV and say goodbye to CA once and for all. And you know what, WE DID!!!! We took a huuuuge leap of faith and put our home on the market and a few months later we said our tearful goodbyes to our dear friends and family and pulled away from the first home we had ever owned.

May 21, 2018 marked the start of a brand new future and a crazy fun adventure for our family! BUT, just in case you thought we were rollin’ in dough and everything was all fun and excitement, we were still working through a LOT of personal pain and had to save every penny we had, to stretch it as far as we could. So there were plenty of pb&j dinners and maaaaaaybe even some tense long drives and moments of freaking out (not from me of course, ahem😉)…but God is GOOD and faithful in the midst of it all and daily led us to surrender our will and plans for His greater and more perfect plan for our lives. And you know what we have seen?! God IS good and He IS faithful and He WILL provide every need if you seek Him and follow His lead. (I can’t wait to share more stories about Jesus truly showing up in the small desperate moments of day to day life)

We traveled the country with a program called “Harvest Hosts” which allowed us to visit many beautiful working farms and wineries from Texas to Maine and everything in between. We met so many kind, amazing people and learned so much about farm-life, homesteading and starting your own small business to sustain your family. I’m excited to share those experiences with y’all really soon!

We’ve also been working on a few small business ideas of our own that we’re SUPER excited to share….home-roasted coffee anyone?

Currently we’re in beautiful Virginia staying with a sweet family who have graciously allowed us to park our motorhome on their farm while we search for our own land. We’re excited to see what the Lord has in store for our family next! While this is not the way I would have planned us leaving, I know that the Lord can make the most beautiful beginnings out of what seems like brokenness and pure ashes. His faithfulness has proven true over and over again in our lives and I know His GOOD plans will prevail in the midst of this pain. When I shared last year that we were going to be pulling away from social media and our Blue Barn account I asked that you would pray for us and SO many of you responded and I wanted to say THANK YOU! Your prayers blessed us so greatly and they were surely felt in the toughest and most painful of times💙I am thankful for each and every one of you!

Please follow along with us on our journey as we trust our very unknown future to a very faithful Savior! I have SO much to share, dear friends! More soon!

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    • melissabanville

      My sweet friend! Thank you so much for coming to our site and reading my post! It means so much to me!!💙💙💙

  1. Maggie Paulus


    I’m so happy to read through the lines and hear the hope that you’ve found on your journey. I’m celebrating in all the ways God’s goodness has carried you guys through. I’m SO EXCITED for you guys and am excitedly following along in your adventure!

    So much love,

  2. Rebekah | Old World Kitchen

    I loved reading this! The Lord has beautiful things in store for the Banville Family. You will never regret following the Lord’s lead, even if it looks scary and terrifying at times. You can always trust His call! xx, Rebekah ❤️

    • melissabanville

      Amen my friend💙Y’all have been such a beautiful example of trusting Jesus and we are finally learning how to truly place all our faith in Him and Him alone.

  3. Frankkins

    We love you, Blue Barn Family! We’re behind you all the way! Fun to track with you on your journey here on this site!

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