Waiting and Praying and Waiting some more…

Oh Friends,

Waiting is SO hard isn’t it?

Trusting while waiting is even harder…especially when everything around you seems to point to the fact that it is impossible for all of this to work out well!

Waiting and worrying is something I can do (and have done) for a long time in my life, lol. But waiting and whole-heartedly trusting, now that is a new experience for me.

Have you ever been in that place? Where you’ve tried everything in your power to fix your situation, change your situation, just somehow MAKE everything work out well but no matter how hard you try things just aren’t seeming to go as you’d hoped or change as you wished they would?

It’s tough right? I know. That’s where we are right now, and it’s a hard and yet somehow seemingly beautiful place to be in, all at the same time. The Lord has stretched our family tremendously throughout this past year. We’ve gone from feeling like we have no hope at all to seeing that He truly does have a beautiful plan for each of our lives (just as He does for you as well, sweet friend💙) and He is working and moving and planning and preparing in ways we don’t always recognize or understand.

When we moved last May we had planned to buy some land quickly and settle down…but our plans changed and instead we spent some time traveling this beautiful country (I shared about this in my last blog post) The Lord led us to so many wonderful places and people and experiences that were all part of stretching us waaaaaay out of our comfort zones and into the safety of His will instead. It’s an uncomfortable place for me to be, I must admit. I tend to want to be in control so I can avoid any unnecessary heartache or painful situations or uncomfortable environments…yet, when we place ourselves completely within His will we give up that control and let Him totally take the lead in our lives, and that inevitably leads us to so many situations that we might not have chosen for ourselves. Some wonderful and some very hard.

Which has led me to a very necessary part of following Jesus that I have only just recently learned: Surrender.

Surrender is such an important aspect of obeying the Lord. We can’t quite follow Him while being in the lead, now can we? 😉 Yet isn’t that what so many of us end up doing without even realizing it? It’s what I have done for so many years. Thinking I’m following when in fact I’m trying to lead, it makes for a lot of confusion I can tell you that much. But when I finally took my own hands off and let the Lord truly take charge of my life, it forced me to deal with a lot of painful memories from my past that I have longed to be free and healed from for SO long. It has also allowed for me to experience many things I never would have experienced had I continued thinking I knew what was best and continued trying to “make it happen” on my own. And this is the beautiful part of being in this out of control place…it allows the Lord to work and gives us the opportunity to see His faithfulness proven time and time again, as we trust in Him. When there is nothing we can possibly do to change things, THAT is when the Lord does His best work and where He is most glorified.

I love how Francis Chan describes it-

“But God doesn’t call us to be comfortable, He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn’t come through.” (From His book Crazy Love)

And that is quite literally where we are right now. We have been praying for many months now that the Lord will connect us to the right people, lead us to the right place and prepare a way for us to have a farm of our own. At this point, it means leasing a property from another person or family who has property available to share. We are in need of acreage for our sweet Bittie Belle and the other animals we long to have as part of our small family homestead, as well as room for gardening and growing our own food. And as wonderful as this motorhome and full-time R.V. living has been, we are SO ready to been in a home and have more space to stretch out and expand our coffee roasting business. And all this needs to happen before April 1! It’s so scary to say that, but in the depths of my heart I know that I know that I KNOW that He is so unbelievably good and so incredibly faithful and we will see the answer to our prayers.

So we wait and we pray and we wait some more. And we take one more step of faith and we believe and we continue hoping and placing our trust in the fact that HE is the One who has placed this dream in our hearts and it is through Him that this dream will come to be.

Will you pray along with us dear friends? We would love it if you would. And if y’all know of any available property, or perhaps if you have a property (or know someone who does) and would consider leasing it, we would love to talk with you about the opportunity.

Also, how can we pray for you? We would truly love to pray along with you for whatever you are waiting and trusting the Lord for as well💙Please feel free to leave a comment or send a message to us privately and we will be lifting you up to our gracious Heavenly Father as well.

With Love,

Melissa and the Blue Barn Family 🙂

2 thoughts on “Waiting and Praying and Waiting some more…”

  1. I really believe God is going to do something beautiful in your lives. I just know it in my heart. My prayer for you is to know God has heard our prayers. 😘

    1. Patsy😭Your words brought me to tears and encouraged my heart so much!! Thank you💙I have struggled with believing and trusting in the midst past trials….this time I want to believe in His faithfulness BEFORE I see it, instead of after! He is always so faithful and so good. Thank you for your kind words, they blessed me so much!💙💙💙

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