Lord what on earth is going on…and an update from our family :)

Dear Friend💙

Do you know what I’ve been learning?

It’s a tough truth and it hits haaaard, but it’s an important lesson and something I need to learn once and for all ~ you can’t place all your hope and trust in people and you can’t count on your plans coming to fruition just bec you thought it best.

The first lesson hurts and it’s one I’ve been learning for a looooong time. I naturally think the best of people, however that is not always a good thing as there are many people that would take advantage of that quality. The second lesson hurts too, but not quite with the same sting as the first.

You see, I know that the Lord’s timing is always best, so I can step back and bend my will to His and just continue learning the tough lesson of waiting and surrendering to Him, even when it looks like everything is crashing down around me. But the first hurt leaves me aching and quite often, nearly breaking. Why do people take advantage of other people? How can they steal, lie, manipulate and seek to destroy you? As a matter of fact that is answered right in the Bible, and it’s what the enemy is known to do to a follower of Christ. So if you’re following Jesus you can bet you’ll be targeted and attacked in the most vicious of ways by the enemy and those people he would choose to use. Now I could continue on and on in this subject, however it’s really not the point of my post (and I promise I do have a point, really 🙂

In my last post, I had shared that we needed to find a farm to lease by April 1st and I wholeheartedly believed that He would provide that. We had been waiting and praying and waiting some more and had done everything we knew to do, but still there were just no open doors. Well, the Lord provided, just not in the way we had thought.

Friends, God is so good, and so so kind, even when we do stupid things like listen to certain people’s loud obnoxious voices over His still small whisper. The Lord has moved us on, but not to a farm as we had hoped and prayed for. Not yet anyway. But instead He has brought us to a place where we can serve Him and shine His glorious light of hope all around us, and that is a wonderful privilege.

A dear friend reminded me recently as I cried, that my purpose in this life is not to be a farm girl (as I have dreamed since I was little) but that my ultimate purpose is to serve my Savior and honor Him wherever He has me. Well He often takes us completely out of our comfort zones, waaaaaay outside the lines of what we think is safe, and teaches us to rely solely on Him and to make Him (and Him alone!) our safe place…and that is absolutely where we find ourselves again.

So for now, we continue on as a full-time RV family serving Him wherever He leads us and to whomever He brings into our lives, until He finally deems it the right time to have us settle down and begin our own homestead adventure. My heart will surely look forward to that day with eager anticipation as He continues molding us and shaping us to reflect more and more of Him. For now we enjoy late night campfires talking with the different folks He brings into our lives. Seeing more of this gorgeous country He created. Bringing wildflower bouquets to the elderly lady around the corner, fishing with the older gentleman who taught us where the best catches are, and ministering love, hope and truth to those that hurt and ache from the pains this world brings. Lord knows we understand.

Having a homestead, farming the land, working hard with our hands as a family and using our God-given talents to earn a living is amazing, but I now understand that He has so much more in store, like embarking on a crazy wonderful adventure serving Him wherever He leads this little motorhome of ours. Guys, just in this last week the Lord has opened my eyes to so many people who are hurting so deeply! The Lord comforts us in our pains and sorrows SO THAT we can comfort others…and I am thankful we have been given the opportunity to do just that.

So that’s where you’ll find us friends, same as where we left off on our last post…waiting and praying and waiting some more, along with recklessly abandoning ourselves to Him and this crazy adventure He has us on💙Of course there is hurt, horrible disappointment and So. Many. Questions, but I know that He is always good and is the only One who can see this life from beginning to end and is therefore the only One who can be trusted to lead us safely down the path He knows is the very best one for us in this world.

Thank you for praying for our family, for encouraging us, loving us and following along on this glorious adventure. It is more of a blessing than we can ever express and we look forward to rejoicing with y’all when He finally does bring this beautiful homestead dream to life. I absolutely cannot wait to have coffee with you on the front porch swing of our old farmhouse just talking together about all that the Lord has done in both of our lives!

With so much love and grace,

Melissa and the Blue Barn Family💙

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