It’s Coffee Time Y’all

Hi Friends!💙

I’m so excited to talk more with you about our coffee today and share a little about why we do what we do and how we do it 🙂

Coffee has always been a part of my life, from my earliest childhood memories I can see my Dad brewing his coffee early every morning and sipping on it while he got ready for the day; usually watching the news, watering our small lawn and caring for the animals we had. I can remember thinking how wonderful it smelled but how bad it actually tasted, lol. Yuban was my dad’s coffee of choice and he liked it black as black could be. (I preferred mounds of sugar with a tippy-tappy bit of coffee mixed in. My, how things have changed…)

As a teenager I worked in two different coffee shops (Starbucks and a small family owned shop near the beach where I lived). I loved being the first one there in the morning, opening the shop, putting on large pots of coffee to brew and making my favorite latte before opening the store with the sun. It was wonderful seeing the same faces every day who stopped by before work to get their favorite drinks.

Some of my favorite memories are working with the small shop owners in their family owned coffee shop, where we arrived before the sun to make many delicious pastries and muffins, which were always amazing with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. From that point on I dreamed of owning my own small coffee shop/bookstore/flower shop/farm store (I obviously couldn’t decide which of my favorite things to cut out of the business 🙂

But life continued moving on and as I began having babies of my own and became more and more sleep deprived coffee became not just an enjoyment but an absolute necessity to survival 🙂 I loved experimenting with the different types of coffee and different ways to serve them and one of my favorite things was having other tired mommas come over and serve them up my newest coffee creation. Coffee is definitely my love language. Cinnamon, honey, peppermint mocha, maple syrup, cold brew, iced lattes, steaming hot cappuccinos…there’s SO many choices. And who doesn’t feel just a little bit more loved with a hot cup of coffee in their hands as they share about life struggles and joys. If I ever have the privilege of hosting you at my farm, you can bet on a hug and a cup of fresh coffee first thing.

Hand carved coffee scoops also available!💙
We even brought our espresso maker in the rv…essentials only right😉

After we made our big move this past year we became more and more excited about getting into the coffee business. As we traveled the country we stopped at a lot of different coffee shops (big and small) and learned a lot about the industry. When we settled down over the winter at our friends farm in Virginia we were able to research a little more into direct sourcing versus purchasing from a company that sources direct from farmers. We chose the latter bec we love supporting other small American businesses and they have so many awesome options for Fair Trade Organic beans sourced direct from farmers. They are located in Mississippi and ship directly to us in 10-100 pound increments. And in a cute burlap bag too 🙂

We then roast on a small drum roaster and have spent a LOT of time reading, researching, testing (and tasting of course!) our batches of coffee. Our favorites are the beans we have currently in our shop, Ethiopian and Colombian (soon to be adding a new one!) The roasting process takes us about 30 minutes total and consists of a lot of listening and focus to ensure the batch is roasted to just the right temperature for just the right amount of time, to bring out the best flavor of the particular bean. It’s a fun experience that i’d love to make a video about in the future so you can see more of our processes.

Stages of roasting: from green to ready to brew☕️

When coffee is purchased off the shelf, consider the amount of time between roasting, packing, shipping and sitting on the shelf before it actually gets to your favorite coffee cup? A LOT of time. We roast our coffee to order and ship it the very next day to ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible, and it’s always shipped whole bean so that you can grind it as needed and it therefore stays fresher even longer.

And of course, when you purchase from our shop you are supporting our small business and our family💙 It means so much to us that you would bring our coffee into your home and we hope you are just as thrilled as we are with it and can serve up many of your own favorite lattes, cappuccinos, cold brews or just simple delicious hot coffee to your friends and family as well. Because lets be honest, it’s most people’s love language too😉

Psssst…don’t forget to click over to our shop to get yours today!💙

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