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Hi Friends💙

I’m SO excited to share more about what we were up to this summer and all the fun adventures we experienced traveling the country.

I shared in my last post how my family and I made a HUGE life change this past year. We have been dreaming of leaving CA for the last 14 years, and this past spring things finally changed and we found ourselves selling our home (and most everything else!) to embark on a crazy adventure!

We traveled with a wonderful program called “Harvest Hosts” which has an awesome network of farms, wineries and museums which, for a yearly fee, allows you to stay for the night on their property, learn about their business and support them in some small way through purchasing something that they raise, grow, or make and sell in their shop. Of course our favorite stops were the farms! From alpaca farms to ostrich ranches we saw many unique and wonderful family businesses just living their own personal dream and supporting their families in the process too.

I’m so excited to show you a few highlights from our journey and some of our absolute favorite stops along the way…starting with Texas y’all. (Did I ever tell you I’ve always dreamed of being a Texan!?) Apparently my born and raised Canadian husband thought the southern heat and humidity was too much. I mean, c’mon! It’s not that bad right? (Ok fine, maybe it is)

Caudalie Crest Farm and Winery in Texas

The sweetest couple with an awesome winery that they started from the ground up along with their adorable farm animals and some of the most beautiful sunsets around.

Walker Honey Farm & Dancing Bee Winery

A cute little honey farm shop started and run by a Texas family. They have the best honey root-beer and honey mead wine around…yum!

An unforgettable time with the family at Misty Acres Ostrich Ranch…they sell Ostrich Eggs, Ostrich meat and lotions/chapsticks to the local farmers markets and restaurants. They are also working with the USDA to develop a program for training and raising ostriches to graze on pasture, something no one else in the world is doing. It was pretty awesome learning from this sweet family.

Walnut Hollow Ranch

A large cattle ranch selling pasture raised beef straight out of his farm shop. Gorgeous views and peaceful ponds made this one of our favorite places.

Mountain Hollow Farm in Tennessee with some of the cutest baby goats around and a small little shop selling teas, yarns and other goodies. A highlight of this stop was bottle-feeding one of the baby goats!

BlueLand Farm in beautiful Maryland- a sweet farm family raising sheep and goats along with chickens and some cattle and selling their products at the local farmers markets. We loved milking goats with them in the early morning and walking through the rolling hills in the evening…it was a dream!

Kimball Farm

A farm in Massachusetts with pasture raised buffalo for sale – who knew?!

Beautiful March Farm with U-pick blueberries!

Fox Hollow Farm in Ohio selling pasture raised pork, chicken and sheep for the local farmers market.

Baker’s Acres in New York-

One of the kindest families you will ever meet! They hosted us as if they were hosting friends, bringing up firewood and inviting us to come fish with them on their lake. They have a beautiful farm with chickens, donkeys, pigs, goats and a sweet little Jersey cow.

Wright’s Farm

A gorgeous orchard with plenty of room to run and a yummy farm shop full of produce and other goodies!

And our absolute favorite stop of all was the Trinity Valley Dairy in New York-

The kindest and most generous family running a full scale dairy. They had the most delicious chocolate milk and cheese curds and their Holsteins were just gorgeous. They treated us like family and we loved the late night campfires, running through the corn maze and learning about caring for dairy cows on such a large scale. Not to mention their property had me like 😍 the entire time. We definitely didn’t want to leave this farm!

Since September, we have come back to beautiful Virginia and settled down for the winter.

We’ve survived single digit temps, freezing water lines, snow days and many more crazy conundrums that come with full time RV-ing. We’ve also celebrated 3 birthdays, prepared a full-on Thanksgiving meal and celebrated Christmas in this tiny 300 square foot space.

It’s brought us all so much closer together as we have had to learn to give each other a LOT of grace and practice patience on a new and deeper level….there may have been some squabbling and arguing, but our love for one another has grown and our sense of adventure has too. I can’t believe all the places this little motorhome has traveled–from traffic-jammed major cities to tiny dirt roads in Georgia, it’s provided a safe space to call home and that’s pretty cool I think. I’m not sure I would have been prepared to do it a few years ago. I remember staring at our tiny space last year and wondering how in the world I was going to fit our 2,000 square foot house into this tiny 300 square feet of space, lol. But you know what I’ve learned, it turns out we don’t really need as much as we think we do. God has been good to us and I know He will continue to be as we wait and pray that He will provide a homestead of our own as we close this small chapter of full-time RV living. It’s been an adventure and I’m sure it will continue to be crazy and scary and wonderful all at the same time. Because isn’t that what life brings as we stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones and into new places? There’s risk and fear, but there’s oh so much beauty and joy in the adventure too💙

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading…anyone else traveled with Harvest Hosts or experienced full-timeing in an RV? I’d love to hear of your exciting adventures too!

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  1. Rebekah | Old World Kitchen

    Wow!! This was so awesome to read through! Coming along on your travels was so much fun. I love all of the pictures.. you guys saw some really awesome places 🙌 I can’t wait to see what you guys do over the coming months! xx, Rebekah ♥️

    • melissabanville

      Thank you so much for reading Rebekah! I’m so glad you enjoyed it💙

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