Coffee has always been a part of our lives. From our earliest childhood memories the smell of coffee is what rang in the start of a new day. From working in different coffee shops to finally buying our own roaster, we’ve been on a quest for the best cup of coffee possible and that’s what you’ll find in our shop. Coffee that not only smells amazing but tastes amazing too!

We purchase our green beans from a small American company that sources direct from farmers all around the world. Every roast in our shop is Fair Trade and Organic which is very important to us as well. Each 12oz bag is roasted to order in single batches and shipped within one business day to ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible; and we always ship whole bean so you can grind and use as desired.

Sumatra FTO – Espresso Roast ($22.00 Now $20.95!)
Ethiopian FTO – Dark Roast ($23.00 Now 21.95!)
Columbian FTO – Medium Roast ($21.00 Now $19.95!)
Honduras Decaf FTO – Medium Roast ($22.00 Now 20.95!)