They roast your coffee when you order it! And it’s delicious ~ Sara K.

I love this coffee!! When I first ground and brewed some at my office, the amazing smell drew my co-workers straight to the kitchen. They all wanted to know what it was because it smelled so much better than their usual grocery store coffee. Everyone who tried a cup agreed that it tasted as delicious as it smelled! What a difference it makes to get freshly roasted coffee beans! I will definitely be ordering more of this coffee!! ~ Christie H.

I just received my wavy handled scoop today. The packaging was so secure and I got it about 10 days after ordering. The spoon is very smoothly sanded and shows off the grain beautifully. I’m sure this will only be the first one I buy, as I am eyeing another already! ~ Chris M.

I’ve been looking for a coffee to replace a very popular coffee chain across America, that I’m addicted to. A friend bought me a bag of this coffee and had it mailed to my house. The results…I am in L♡VE! Not only is the aroma magnificent but the flavor is just as fresh and yummy as it smells! Heavenly, dark, bold and yet all the while smooth! No bitterness and No bad after taste! Just pure satisfaction! Thank you Blue Barn Family for outstanding coffee! I will definitely be buying coffee from you!!! ~ Diana L.

I love this family and their products! I got their Ethiopian dark roast coffee and (for the first time ever) didn’t even use sweetener or creamer. It was perfect! I also bought one of their wooden coffee scoops with a squiggly (not sure how else to describe it) handle. It is so smooth and beautiful that I haven’t had the heart to actually use it yet, and have been keeping it in a wooden bowl on a shelf as décor. It is awesome to support such a sweet family and get such excellent products at the same time! ~ Elisabeth H.

I consider myself a bit of a coffee snob and this coffee exceeded my expectations. I rarely find a coffee that I like as well as my stand-by. Thanks for making this one available! ~ Diana R.